Barley Leaves Dietary Powder

Barley young leaves dietary powder richly contains dietary fiber, -carotene, chlorophyl, SOD, vitamins and minerals.

It tastes good and easy to eat and drink with water and milk.

Barley leaves dietary fiber is available:

1. Retail packaged finished product
2. Stick in bulk
3. Powder in bulk

Retail packaged box contains 30 stick of 3g each (= 90g).
Local retail price: JPY3,800

Nutrition Facts per 3g stick
Caloric value 9.75kcal
Protein 0.36g
Fat 0.06g
Carbohydrate 1.95g
Dietary fiber 0.50g
Sodium 9.72mg
-carotene 0.4mg
Total chlorophyll 5.87mg
SOD (per 90g) 1.4x105unit

Barley leaves, Reduced maltose, Dextrin, Corn starch, Soy bean protein, Kelp powder, Vitamin C, -carotene

Specifications (per 100g):

Appearance Light green to dark green color powder
Smell Similar to green powdered tea
Loss on drying not more than 5%
Total chlorophyll not less than 180mg/100g
Total pheophorbides not more than 30mg/100g
Endrin not detected
Dieldrin not detected
Aldrin not detected
Parathion not detected
PCB not detected
Arsenic not more than 2ppm
Heavy metals not more than 20ppm
Aerobic plate count not more than 3.0 x 103/g
Coliform bacillus negative

Certificate of Analysis for a particular lot (per 100g):

Water 1.9% Iron 70.5mg
Protein 22.0% Copper 7.47ppm
Fat 7.9% Zinc 16.3ppm
Fiber 20.4% Total pheophorbides 4mg/100g
Ash 6.3% Endrin not detected
Carbohydrate 41.5% Dieldrin not detected
Edible fiber 52.1% Aldrin not detected
Vitamin A 7,560IU/100g Parathion not detected
Total chlorophyll 881mg PCB not detected
Calcium 336mg Arsenic not detected
Sodium 171mg Heavy metals not detected
Magnesium 123mg Aerobic plate count 1.7 x 103/g
Kalium 1.74g Coliform bacillus negative


100g of Barley Leaves Powder vis-a-vis 100g of Other Foods (Drink)

1. Edible Fiber
(= the 6th nutrient essential to present diet)
Barley Leaves Powder contains 52.1g of edible fiber, whereas burdock and potate contain 2.2g and 0.9g respectively. This means Barley Leaves Powder contains edible fibers 23.7 times and 57.9 times as much as burdock and potate.

2. Carotene (Vitamin A1)
(= taken into the body to convert to vitamin A)
Barley Leaves Powder contains 18.3mg of carotine, whereas carrot and leek (scallion) contains 7.3mg and 3.3mg each. Barley Leaves Powder contains carotine 2.5 times and 5.5 times as much.

3. Calcium
(= essential for growth of bones and teeth and smooth function of human body)
Barley Leaves Powder contains 336mg of calcium, whereas milk and sardine contains 100mg and 70mg each. Barley Leaves Powder contains 3.4 times and 4.8 times as much.

4. Potassium
(= liable to be short for heavy drinker, sweets eater and diet practicin)
Barley Leaves Powder contains 1,740mg of potassium, whereas seaweed and cucumber contains 730mg and 210mg each. Barley Leaves Powder contains 2.4 times and 8.3 times as much.

5. Iron
(= a kind of mineral, contained in red blood corpuscle, muscle, liver)
Barley Leaves Powder contains 70.5mg of iron, whereas pork lever and spinach contains 13.0mg and 3.7mg each. Barley Leaves Powder contains 5.4 times and 19 times as much.


Washing Blanching ˁ@Drying Crushing Sterilizing Final Products

Barley Leaves Dietary Powder -- Average dosage: 2.5g to 5g per day.
Encapsulation is not recommended due to its high humidity absorption.

Keep it in dark and cool place, not being exposed to direct sun ray, otherwise it may get decolored by light and heat. If it is mixed with acidic stuff, it may also get decolored.